Military technology: Motec at DSEi 2015


Military technology: Motec at DSEi 2015

At DSEi, Motec released its MOTS Multi-Purpose Vision System MVCU1600, it should replace an older MB1406 system and is MIL-STD 461 (EMV) certified. The MVCU1600 is the core of the system and includes an intelligent steering for up to eight cameras and five screens.

The MVCU1600 box collects all video signals, and distribute them through a given role specification – every screen can show a different view, can be automatically redirected, if the driver or crew take specific actions and so on. The video signals can be overlaid with lines, texts or graphics- static or dynamic. New at the system is the video controller, so simple and “dumb” screens can be used.

The system still uses analog signals, because up to today the military community has not defined their standards. The system is also available in a “smaller” version for four cameras and two screens.

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